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October 22, 2014  -- New Book Release

Handbook for Survival: Information for Saving Lives During Radiation Releases and Other Disasters

This is my 9th book with data and information for protecting health and saving lives. It condenses my 2011 book, Actions for Survival, into life-saving information easily followed by any member of the public.

The book is available at Amazon.    Also, a Kindle edition of the book can be purchased at Amazon.   Other e-book editions can be purchased from Barnes and Noble   IBooks  and  Smashwords.

September 19, 2013

Last week I visited Phil Smith and his son Luke at their plant near Richmond, Virginia, to see how they developed and manufactured a new, novel, type of Geiger counter, which covers a wide range of gamma radiation intensities, from the lowest natural background levels to up to 600 R per hour.  Such a wide range is needed in the event of an accidental or terrorist release of radiation to measure maximum emergency levels in food and water at the lower end, and time limits for responders and citizens to know when to leave high areas or seek shielding.    At 600 R per hour, a responder would have only 60 seconds to rescue someone, perhaps from a helicopter, in order to limit his exposure to 10 R, which is less than the limit of 25 R usually suggested in official documents for saving life.  At an exposure of 10 R, a responder would feel  no immediate sickness and ill effects, and the long-term likelihood of a lethal cancer would be increased no more than about two percent (see my book,  Actions for Survival, Chapter 4, downloadable for less than $10 as an e-book from

Important design features are the small pocket size of the instrument, clicking sounds that alert the wearer to intensities of radiation without the need to watch the instrument scale or hold the instrument, and the ability of the user to set desired alarms at chosen exposure rates or total exposures.

The Instrument is now ready for purchase and distribution by contacting the company of Shane Connor (who is mentioned prominently in my book) at 830-857-6191, or 830-672-8754. Shane is also soliciting tax deductible contributions to Physicians for Civil Defense to support an immediate distribution of thousands of these instruments around the nation, along with free copies of a condensed 35-page booklet based on my book, Actions for Survival: Saving Lives in the Immediate Moments After Release of Radioactive or Other Toxic Agents, and other literature for saving lives after accidents or WMD attacks.

The limited number of radiation instruments that have been provided by our Federal government to responders are extremely expensive, heavy and complex,  and do not provide responders with adequate information at the higher exposure levels at which they might often need to save lives.  Governments are not likely to respond to this need in timely fashion, experience shows.  After Fukushima, without radiation monitoring instruments in place, 1100 persons died from unnecessary evacuations and panic, caused by official confusion about existing radiation levels in public living areas that were not dangerous for emergency stay in homes.  I urge my friends and colleagues to support the distribution of these new Geiger counters, as well as the stamp- or card-size SIRAD color-change dosimeters that are inexpensive and would provide every citizen an independent empowerment to know when not exposed, or exposed, to levels requiring protective actions (see my books).

Your pal al

October 10, 2012



This book provides documented facts from personal experience that will prevent panic and provide maximum survival from the release of radioactive nuclear fallout, or to some extent from other weapons of terror.

The attached book flyer provides a brief outline of the book chapters. It also summarizes the author’s diverse experience with nuclear weapons, training responders and university students, managing evaluation of patients after accidental exposures, and managing safety in routine peacetime operations.

Most important, the book:

  • Provides facts about risks of various levels of radiation so members of the public will not panic at levels that click Geiger counters but are not likely to cause health effects.  (Absolute evidence is presented of how most media reports have grossly exaggerated radiation risks by consulting scientists who are most vocal but not those who are most expert in the subject.) This media misinformation has negatively affected the availability of safe nuclear energy (the plowshare of President Eisenhower), as well as appropriate preparations for the accidental or terrorist environmental release of radioactive materials. 
  • Provides simple preparations and “things to do and know” in advance of any emergency to save lives of responders and the public.
  • Suggests simple and inexpensive color-changing “radiation dosimeters” that indicate cumulating radiation only when it is approaching levels where harm could likely occur.  Responders are being provided with very expensive and overly sensitive instruments that are used for detection of transported nuclear material, but the instructions for use of these instruments is performed in such a way that responders could panic at levels far below the risks police and firemen face every day.

Without the information in this book and the preparations recommended, the American public is still set up to panic and “throw in the towel,” rather than have the will to survive and fight for the survival of our great nation. Check me out.  Do you and your neighbors have information and understanding about the few words, concepts, and actions to protect against sudden information about radiation in your environment?  This book gives everything you need, with italicized paragraphs for members of the public who are not involved with scientific evaluations.


May 7, 2012

I hope now to be communicating more frequently as important events occur.  In the meantime, I am hoping that all my friends who are interested in minimizing any health effects or threats to our nation from possible terrorist attacks or reactor accidents will obtain, or have their libraries obtain, a copy of my book, ACTIONS FOR SURVIVAL: SAVING LIVES IN THE IMMEDIATE HOURS AFTER RELEASE OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL OR OTHER TOXIC AGENTS --  or have flyers describing the book and my background, and how to order the book from MJR  Also, watch the news on several stations to see why the book is needed now.


January 11, 2012

Very recent news indicates that my Actions for Survival book is a necessary and urgent read for all U.S. citizens, not just responders and scientists who might arrive for recovery.  Paragraphs and pages in italics are for every citizen who wants to minimize the risk of illness or death to himself and family in the event of a nuclear attack or other attack with lethal weapons on America.  Tonight, former Ambassador John Bolton, an expert on these matters, was interviewed on CNN at about 10:30 pm, January 11, 2012.  He pointed out that Iran might have a nuclear bomb very soon, and that our administration’s efforts to negotiate with Iran or apply economic sanctions will not slow them down. Rick Santorum a few minutes earlier also indicated we have been too trusting of Iran, and gave the opinion that we should not have condemned the killing of a scientist who came to Iran to help them complete development of the bomb; that scientist should be considered an enemy combatant.  A nuclear bomb is the greatest threat to America, not only to Israel. Another less known Presidential candidate, Hugh Cort, a counter-terrorism specialist also holds the view that we are in danger of an attack with a nuclear bomb, and he has recently written a book, “American Hiroshima.”  He appeared on C-Span yesterday morning and told us that he is running for President to alert our nation to this serious threat.

I have written my book because from long experience, including as a scientist on nuclear weapons tests and as a trainer of responders in radioactive fallout fields in the atomic testing days, I know that our public needs a better understanding of the fact that most persons can survive the radiations that accompany nuclear detonations if they know certain facts and make some relatively simple preparations. So please, for the sake of your family and our nation, obtain a copy of my book and find the information you need.  I have had it published for a reasonable price, considering that I worked on it for four years.  If you do not feel that you can afford it, ask your library to obtain copies on a priority basis.