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Allen's Other Books

From left to right:
  1. First book:  Handbook of Radioactive Nuclides, by Yen Wang, M.D., Editor, CRC Press, 1969.  About 150 pages comprising five chapters on radiation measurements, risks, guidance, and regulations were authored by Allen in his first commercial publications in book form. Out of print. 
  2. Next four books: Handbooks of Radiation Measurement and Protection, Allen Brodsky, Editor-in-Chief, CRC Press, 1978-1986. First volume provides Physical and Chemical Data used in radiation sciences; second volume provides Mathematical and Biological Data; third volume is CRC Handbook of Environmental Radiation, 1982, edited by Alfred W. Klement; fourth volume is CRC Handbook of   Management of Radiation Protection Programs, edited by Kenneth L. Miller and Willam A. Weidner, M.D. , 1986.  Allen provided about half the chapters in all of these books, but turned over the last two to close colleagues for the final editing. Out of print, but individual copies are sometimes still available on
  3. Sixth book:  Second edition of CRC Handbook of   Management of Radiation Protection Programs, produced independently by Kenneth L. Miller, 1992, in which Allen has chapters on education and on how to determine safe facilities and operations for handling radioactive materials.
  4. Seventh book:  Allen Brodsky, Raymond H. Johnson, Jr., and Ronald E. Goans, Editors, Public Protection from Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism, Medical Physics Publishing, Madison, Wisconsin, 2004.  Still in print. Hardbound copies available from publisher. Allen obtained over 40 contributors for this book, which was a text for the Health Physics Society 2004 Summer School. He gets no royalties from this book, but recommends it as a unique collection of information from experienced scientists around the nation, which could alleviate many effects of an attack with weapons of mass destruction. Allen contributed chapters and appendices of about 250 pages, on methods of dose calculation, risks, preventive civil defense measures, and his experience with a number of human patients managed at the University of Pittsburgh in the 1960s.
  5. Eighth book: Allen Brodsky, Review of Radiation Risks and Uranium Toxicity, with Application to Decisions  Associated with Decommissioning Clean-Up Criteria, RSA Publications, Hebron, CT, 1996. Still available from the publisher. This book reviews the major animal data and human epidemiologic data on radiation effects, short and long term, and how current radiation protection standards and limits were derived from these data.  Radiation risks are still judged by expert groups to be about the same as of 2012.  Allen has a background in biostatistics as well as the applicable physics, participated as co-investigator of a large epidemiological study of radiation workers from 1964 until 1972, and taught Biostatistics and Epidemiology to students matriculating for the Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Duquesne University, 1971-1975, after which he published a chapter on statistical methods in the second CRC Handbook above.  
  6. Ninth book:  Phyllis L. Brodsky and Allen Brodsky, Living with Insomnia, McFarland and Company, March,  2011. Still in print and available as paperback or e-book. A description can be found under Phyllis' Books on this site.  The book covers physiological  and psychological aspects of sleep problems, provides summaries of sleep problems obtained on questionnaires to which readers can match their own experiences and treatments with others in their categories, the authors’ own experiences and views of their mates’, and other suggestions for help with sleep problems. The book contains a Foreword by an eminent  Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, who has over 25 years of research in sleep treatment methods. 
  7. Tenth book:   Allen Brodsky, Actions for Survival: Saving Lives in the Immediate Hours After Release of  Radioactive or Other Toxic Agents,  MJR Publications, LLC, Essex, Maryland, July, 2011,373 pp.  Available from publisher or  Now also available as an e-book (October 2012).  
  8. Not shown:  Allen Brodsky, Handbook for Survival, available through Amazon.    A Kindle edition of the book can also be purchased at Amazon.   Other e-book editions can be purchased from Barnes and Noble   IBooks  and  Smashwords.
The remaining books to the right on the shelf contain chapters or other contributions by Allen, and the three volumes on the extreme right of the shelf provide brief biographies and Allen. The two black books on top are his master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation. Somebody placed a complete 35-page Curriculum Vitae of Allen’s on Google, a 2006 version, if it is still there.